“Somewhere between the bombast of rock music and the infectiousness of pop. At a point where musical weight is subsumed by indie smarts. In a place where alternative creativity collides with mainstream tastes, you find the sort of music which seems to have mass appeal whilst still bristling with authenticity and integrity. And this is where you find Red Output.”

Dave Franklin (Dancing About Architecture)


Red Output

Indie rocking post-punk from Kitchener, Ontario

Red Output have been tearing up the stage in southern Ontario the last few years with headlined shows and opening sets for touring bands such as Hotel Mira, Texas King, Loviet and Motherfolk. Though putting a lot of time and effort into shows, Red Output's main focus has always been producing high quality and unique music. Their influences range from 2000s indie rock such as The Strokes, The Kooks and The Arctic Monkeys, to modern post-punk and indie music such as Geese and Black Country New Road. Their latest single is "Rafters", which is discussed below. 


by Red Output

The band's newest single, "Varnish" shows Red Output at their most confident and post-punkiest form to date. Varnish is an eruption of sonic feeling that captures the experience of trying to live authentically in our world, in all its absurdity, darkness, and complexity. After months of honing it on stages across Southern Ontario, “Varnish” holds many moods: tight and punchy grooves, joyful rock celebrations, and dark, noisy explosions. It is fun, challenging, and emotional for all who listen to it. 

Plans for 2024

Red Output is currently in process of releasing 2 new singles which show the heavier post-punk/alt rock direction that Red Output's current discography has yet to show before. Each song will be accompanied with a music video as well. 

Along with new releases, Red Output have been playing various local and out of town shows in 2024 including Montreal, Hamilton, Kitchener, Guelph, Toronto and more. 

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